Finds the next audio file region in a region list.


#define NextAudioFileRegion (inAFRegionPtr) (
   (AudioFileRegion*) ((char*) (inAFRegionPtr) +
   offsetof(AudioFileRegion, mMarkers) +
   ((inAFRegionPtr)->mNumberMarkers) * sizeof (AudioFileMarker))



A pointer to an audio file region in the region list.

Return Value

A pointer to the next region after the region pointed to by the inAFRegionPtr parameter. This value can be beyond the end of the list, so pay attention to the total number of regions in the list.


Because audio file regions are of variable length, you cannot easily walk the list. Use this convenience function when you call the AudioFileGetProperty function with the kAudioFilePropertyRegionList property to walk through the list of regions returned.

See Also

Audio File Macros


A macro that returns the number of audio file markers represented by a specified number of bytes.


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