Audio Format Services


This document describes Audio Format Services, a C interface for obtaining information about audio formats and codecs.


Data Types

struct AudioBalanceFade

Describes audio left/right balance and front/back fade values.

struct AudioFormatListItem

Represents a value from the kAudioFormatProperty_FormatList property.

struct AudioPanningInfo

Audio panning information.

struct ExtendedAudioFormatInfo

A specifier for the kAudioFormatProperty_FormatList property, including the codec to use.

typealias AudioFormatPropertyID

A type for four-char codes for audio format property identifiers.


enum AudioBalanceFadeType

Identifiers for audio balance fade types.

Hardware Codec Capabilities

A constant to determine which hardware codecs can be used.

Audio Codec Manufacturer and Implementation Types

Identifiers for audio codec manufacturers and implementation types.

enum AudioPanningMode

Identifiers for audio panning algorithms.

Result Codes

This table lists the result codes defined for Audio Format Services.