AudioToolbox Constants

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var kAUPresetPartKey: String

If present, distinguishes a global preset that is set on the global scope from a part-based preset that is set on the part scope. The value of this key is defined by the audio unit it applies to.

var kAUPresetVSTDataKey: String

VST state from a VST “bank.”

var kAUPresetVSTPresetKey: String

VST state from a VST “preset.”

var kMusicTimeStamp_EndOfTrack: Double

Indicates a time immediately beyond the last music event in a music track. Use this value when selecting all music events starting at a designated time and extending to, and including, the last event in a track. Also use this value to position an iterator for moving backward through a track, from the end to the start. See also NewMusicEventIterator(_:_:) and MusicEventIteratorSeek(_:_:).