AudioToolbox Structures

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struct AUChannelInfo

The audio input and output channel capabilities for an audio unit.

struct AUDependentParameter

An audio unit parameter whose value can change in response to a change in its parent metaparameter.

struct AUHostVersionIdentifier

The name and version of an audio unit’s host application.

struct AUInputSamplesInOutputCallbackStruct

The callback function and custom data for providing input-to-output sample mapping for an audio unit.

struct AUMIDIEvent

A structure that describes a scheduled MIDI event.

struct AUMIDIOutputCallbackStruct

The callback function and custom data for an audio unit that provides MIDI output.

struct AUParameterEvent

A structure that describes a scheduled parameter event.

struct AUPreset

Used to set factory presets for an audio unit.

struct AUPresetEvent

Describes an audio unit preset.

struct AURecordedParameterEvent

An event recording the changing of a parameter at a particular host time.

struct AURenderCallbackStruct

Used for registering an input callback function with an audio unit.

struct AURenderEvent

A union of the various specific render event types.

struct AURenderEventHeader

The common header for a render event.

struct AudioCodecMagicCookieInfo

A structure holding magic cookie information needed by some codecs.

struct AudioCodecPrimeInfo

A structure specifying the number of leading and trailing empty frames to be inserted.

struct AudioComponentDescription

Identifying information for an audio component.

struct AudioFileRegionFlags

Flags that specify a playback direction for an AudioFileRegion structure.

struct AudioOutputUnitStartAtTimeParams

A timestamp for scheduled starting of an I/O audio unit.

struct AudioUnitCocoaViewInfo

The name and number of custom Cocoa views for an audio unit.

struct AudioUnitConnection

An audio unit source-to-destination connection specification.

struct AudioUnitExternalBuffer

Allows an audio unit host application to tell an audio unit to use a specified buffer for its input callback.

struct AudioUnitFrequencyResponseBin

An audio unit’s audio level at a particular frequency.

struct AudioUnitMeterClipping

Audio clipping that has occurred in a mixer unit.

struct AudioUnitParameter

An adjustable audio unit attribute such as volume, pitch, or filter cutoff frequency.

struct AudioUnitParameterEvent

A scheduled change to an audio unit parameter’s value.

struct AudioUnitParameterHistoryInfo

The suggested update rate and history duration for parameters which have the flag_PlotHistory flag set.

typealias AudioUnitParameterIDName

A short version of the name for an audio unit parameter.

struct AudioUnitParameterOptions

Value options for audio unit parameters.

struct AudioUnitParameterStringFromValue

A string representation of a parameter’s value.

struct AudioUnitParameterValueFromString

A parameter's value based on a string representation of the value.

struct AudioUnitProperty

A key-value pair that declares an attribute or behavior for an audio unit.

struct AudioUnitRenderActionFlags

Flags for configuring audio unit rendering.

struct ExtendedNoteOnEvent

Describes a note-on event with extended parameters.

struct ExtendedTempoEvent

Describes a music track tempo in beats-per-minute.

struct HostCallbackInfo

The time- and transport-related callback functions for an audio unit.

struct MIDIChannelMessage

Describes a MIDI channel message.

struct MIDIMetaEvent

Describes a MIDI metaevent such as lyric text, time signature, and so on.

struct MIDINoteMessage

Describes a MIDI note.

struct MIDIRawData

Describes a MIDI system-exclusive (SysEx) message.

struct MusicEventUserData

Describes a user-defined event.

struct MusicTrackLoopInfo

Supports control of the looping behavior of a music track.

struct ParameterEvent

Describes an audio unit parameter automation event.