Instance Property


The parameter’s localized value strings.


var valueStrings: [String]? { get }


This property allows you to specify an array of strings to be used for the values of an indexed parameter—for example, a band parameter could publish these values: “High”, “Medium”, “Low”.

See Also

Querying Parameter Properties

var minValue: AUValue

The parameter’s minimum value.

var maxValue: AUValue

The parameter’s maximum value.

var unit: AudioUnitParameterUnit

The parameter’s unit of measurement.

var unitName: String?

The parameter’s localized unit name.

var flags: AudioUnitParameterOptions

The parameter’s characteristic details.

var address: AUParameterAddress

The parameter’s address.

var dependentParameters: [NSNumber]?

Any other parameter’s whose values may change as a side effect of this parameter’s value changing.