An AUParameterNode object represents a node in an audio unit’s parameter tree. Nodes are instances of either an AUParameter or AUParameterGroup class.


class AUParameterNode : NSObject



var identifier: String

A non-localized, permanent name for the parameter node.

var keyPath: String

A key path generated by concatenating the identifiers of the parameter and its parents.

var displayName: String

A localized display name for the parameter node.

func displayName(withLength: Int) -> String

Another version of the display name, possibly truncated to a desired length.

Audio Unit Implementations

These properties are only of interest to audio unit subclasses.

var implementorValueObserver: AUImplementorValueObserver

The callback for parameter value changes.

var implementorValueProvider: AUImplementorValueProvider

The callback for refreshing known stale values in a parameter tree.

var implementorStringFromValueCallback: AUImplementorStringFromValueCallback

The callback for providing a string representation of a parameter value.

var implementorValueFromStringCallback: AUImplementorValueFromStringCallback

The callback for converting a string to a parameter value.

var implementorDisplayNameWithLengthCallback: AUImplementorDisplayNameWithLengthCallback

The callback for obtaining an abbreviated version of a parameter node display name.


typealias AUParameterObserver

A block called after the value of a parameter changes.

typealias AUParameterRecordingObserver

A block called to record parameter changes as automation events.

typealias AUImplementorValueObserver

A block called to notify the audio unit implementation of changes to a parameter value.

typealias AUImplementorValueProvider

A block called to fetch a parameter’s current value from the audio unit implementation.

typealias AUImplementorStringFromValueCallback

A block called to convert a parameter value to a string representation.

typealias AUImplementorValueFromStringCallback

A block called to convert a string to a parameter value.

typealias AUImplementorDisplayNameWithLengthCallback

A block called to obtain a parameter node’s display name, possibly truncated to a desired length.


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class AUParameter

An AUParameter object represents a single audio unit parameter.

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