Instance Method


Searches the tree for a specific version 2 audio unit parameter.


- (AUParameter *)parameterWithID:(AudioUnitParameterID)paramID scope:(AudioUnitScope)scope element:(AudioUnitElement)element;



The parameter ID with which to search the tree.


The scope with which to search the tree.


The element with which to search the tree.

Return Value

The parameter corresponding to the supplied ID, scope, and element. Returns nil if the parameter is nonexistent or if it is not associated with a version 2 audio unit.


Version 2 audio units publish parameters identified by a parameter ID, scope, and element. A host that knows that it is dealing with a version 2 audio unit can locate parameters using this method—for example, for the Apple-supplied system audio units.

See Also

Obtaining Tree Parameters

- parameterWithAddress:

Searches the tree for a parameter with a specific address.

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