Type Alias


A block to schedule parameter changes.


typealias AUScheduleParameterBlock = (AUEventSampleTime, AUAudioFrameCount, AUParameterAddress, AUValue) -> Void


Check the parameter’s flags to determine whether the parameter is rampable.

The block takes the following parameters:


The sample time at which the parameter is to begin changing. When scheduling parameters during the render cycle, this time can be set to the AUEventSampleTimeImmediate value plus an optional buffer offset, in which case the event is scheduled at that position in the current render cycle.


The number of sample frames over which the parameter’s return value is to ramp, or 0 if the parameter change should take effect immediately.


The parameter’s address.


The parameter’s new value if the ramp duration is 0; otherwise, the value at the end of the scheduled ramp.

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