Global Variable


The chunks following the audio data chunk are preventing the extension of the audio data chunk. To write more data, you must optimize the file.


var kAudioFileNotOptimizedError: OSStatus { get }

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Result Codes

var kAudioFileUnspecifiedError: OSStatus

An unspecified error has occurred.

var kAudioFileUnsupportedDataFormatError: OSStatus

The data format is not supported by this file type.

var kAudioFileBadPropertySizeError: OSStatus

The size of the property data was not correct.

var kAudioFilePermissionsError: OSStatus

The operation violated the file permissions. For example, an attempt was made to write to a file opened with the kAudioFileReadPermission constant.

var kAudioFileInvalidChunkError: OSStatus

Either the chunk does not exist in the file or it is not supported by the file.

var kAudioFileDoesNotAllow64BitDataSizeError: OSStatus

The file offset was too large for the file type. The AIFF and WAVE file format types have 32-bit file size limits.

var kAudioFileInvalidPacketOffsetError: OSStatus

A packet offset was past the end of the file, or not at the end of the file when a VBR format was written, or a corrupt packet size was read when the packet table was built.

var kAudioFileInvalidFileError: OSStatus

The file is malformed, or otherwise not a valid instance of an audio file of its type.

var kAudioFileOperationNotSupportedError: OSStatus

The operation cannot be performed. For example, setting the kAudioFilePropertyAudioDataByteCount constant to increase the size of the audio data in a file is not a supported operation. Write the data instead.