Global Variable


During a call to the AudioQueueReset(_:), AudioQueueStop(_:_:), or AudioQueueDispose(_:_:) functions, the system does not allow you to enqueue buffers.


var kAudioQueueErr_EnqueueDuringReset: OSStatus { get }

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Result Codes

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidBuffer: OSStatus

The specified audio queue buffer does not belong to the specified audio queue.

var kAudioQueueErr_BufferEmpty: OSStatus

The audio queue buffer is empty (that is, the mAudioDataByteSize field = 0).

var kAudioQueueErr_DisposalPending: OSStatus

The function cannot act on the audio queue because it is being asynchronously disposed of.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidProperty: OSStatus

The specified property ID is invalid.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidPropertySize: OSStatus

The size of the specified property is invalid.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidParameter: OSStatus

The specified parameter ID is invalid.

var kAudioQueueErr_CannotStart: OSStatus

The audio queue has encountered a problem and cannot start.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidDevice: OSStatus

The specified audio hardware device could not be located.

var kAudioQueueErr_BufferInQueue: OSStatus

The audio queue buffer cannot be disposed of when it is enqueued.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidRunState: OSStatus

The queue is running but the function can only operate on the queue when it is stopped, or vice versa.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidQueueType: OSStatus

The queue is an input queue but the function can only operate on an output queue, or vice versa.

var kAudioQueueErr_Permissions: OSStatus

You do not have the required permissions to call the function.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidPropertyValue: OSStatus

The property value used is not valid.

var kAudioQueueErr_PrimeTimedOut: OSStatus

During a call to the AudioQueuePrime(_:_:_:) function, the audio queue’s audio converter failed to convert the requested number of sample frames.

var kAudioQueueErr_CodecNotFound: OSStatus

The requested codec was not found.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidCodecAccess: OSStatus

The codec could not be accessed.

var kAudioQueueErr_QueueInvalidated: OSStatus

In iOS, the audio server has exited, causing the audio queue to become invalid.

var kAudioQueueErr_RecordUnderrun: OSStatus

During recording, data was lost because there was no enqueued buffer to store it in.

var kAudioQueueErr_InvalidOfflineMode: OSStatus

The operation requires the audio queue to be in offline mode but it isn’t, or vice versa.

var kAudioFormatUnsupportedDataFormatError: OSStatus

The playback data format is unsupported (declared in AudioFormat.h).