Type Alias


MIDI and other music event types, used by music event iterator functions.


typealias MusicEventType = UInt32



var kMusicEventType_ExtendedNote: UInt32

A non-MIDI music event with variable number of parameters.

var kMusicEventType_ExtendedTempo: UInt32

An event that signals a change in tempo, in beats-per-minute.

var kMusicEventType_Meta: UInt32

A standard MIDI file metaevent.

var kMusicEventType_MIDINoteMessage: UInt32

A MIDI note-on message, including duration.

var kMusicEventType_MIDIChannelMessage: UInt32

A MIDI channel message, other than note control.

var kMusicEventType_MIDIRawData: UInt32

MIDI system-exclusive data.

var kMusicEventType_Parameter: UInt32

An audio unit parameter event.

var kMusicEventType_AUPreset: UInt32

An event containing an audio unit user preset dictionary.