Audio Component Services


Audio Component Services defines interfaces for finding and opening audio units and audio codecs. It preserves binary compatibility with OS X v10.5 component interfaces while removing dependency on the Component Manager.


Audio Component Services Functions

func AudioComponentCount(UnsafePointer<AudioComponentDescription>) -> UInt32

Returns the number of audio components that match a specified AudioComponentDescription structure.

func AudioComponentFindNext(AudioComponent?, UnsafePointer<AudioComponentDescription>) -> AudioComponent?

Finds the next component that matches a specified AudioComponentDescription structure after a specified audio component.

func AudioComponentGetDescription(AudioComponent, UnsafeMutablePointer<AudioComponentDescription>) -> OSStatus

Gets the class description, as an AudioComponentDescription structure, of an audio component.

func AudioComponentInstanceCanDo(AudioComponentInstance, Int16) -> Bool

Determines if an audio component instance implements a particular function.

func AudioComponentGetVersion(AudioComponent, UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt32>) -> OSStatus

Gets the version of an audio component in hexadecimal form as 0xMMMMmmDD (major, minor, dot).

func AudioComponentInstanceGetComponent(AudioComponentInstance) -> AudioComponent

Retrieves a reference to an audio component from an instance of that audio component.

Data Types

typealias AudioComponent

An audio component.

typealias AudioComponentInstance

A component instance, or object, is an audio unit or audio codec.

struct AudioComponentDescription

Identifying information for an audio component.