Audio Unit Data Types

The Audio Unit framework defines common data types that are used in multiple places throughout the framework.


Type Aliases

typealias AUAudioUnitStatus

A result code returned from an audio unit's render function.

typealias AUEventSampleTime

Expresses time as a sample count.

typealias AUAudioFrameCount

A number of audio sample frames.

typealias AUAudioChannelCount

A number of audio channels.

typealias AUValue

A value of an audio unit parameter.

typealias AUParameterAddress

A numeric identifier for an audio unit parameter.

typealias AUParameterObserverToken

A token representing an installed parameter observer block.


struct AURecordedParameterEvent

An event recording the changing of a parameter at a particular host time.

struct AURenderEventHeader

The common header for a render event.

struct AUParameterEvent

A structure that describes a scheduled parameter event.

struct AUMIDIEvent

A structure that describes a scheduled MIDI event.


struct AURenderEvent

A union of the various specific render event types.