Define a new extension point for password manager apps for integration with Password AutoFill.


Use the Authentication Services framework to integrate password manager apps with Password AutoFill. You can also use ASWebAuthenticationSession to all the user to share persistent cookies and website data between an app and Safari for a single sign-on (SSO) experience.

To integrate your password manager app:

  1. Configure your app by adding a Credential Provider Extension target to your project and enabling the AutoFill Credential Provider capability in Xcode.

  2. Support showing the user a list of their credentials when they open the extension from the QuickType Bar using ASCredentialServiceIdentifier objects.

  3. Specify the credentials you want to show in the QuickType Bar by using ASCredentialIdentityStore in your extension.

  4. Specify your extension's UI when users enable your password manager in their Settings.


Adding a Credential Provider Extension

class ASCredentialProviderExtensionContext

A class that represents a credential provider extension context.

class ASCredentialProviderViewController

A class that provides a standard interface for creating a credential provider extension.

Implementing a Credential List

class ASCredentialServiceIdentifier

A class that represents a credential service identifier.

Updating the Credential Identity Store

class ASCredentialIdentityStore

A class that represents a credential identity store.

class ASCredentialIdentityStoreState

A class that represents the state of a credential identity store.

struct ASCredentialIdentityStoreError

A credential identity store error.

Representing Credentials

class ASPasswordCredential

A class that represents a password credential.

class ASPasswordCredentialIdentity

A class that represents a password credential identity.

Sharing Data with Safari

class ASWebAuthenticationSession

A class that manages sharing a one-time login between Safari and an app, which can also be used for automatic login for associated apps.

let ASWebAuthenticationSessionErrorDomain: String

The error domain for a web authentication session.

Extension Errors

struct ASExtensionError

An extension error.

let ASExtensionErrorDomain: String

The error domain for an extension error.


AutoFill Credential Provider Entitlement

A Boolean value that indicates whether the app may, with user permission, provide user names and passwords for AutoFill in Safari and other apps.