Sample Code

Adding the Sign In with Apple Flow to Your App

Provide a fast, secure, and privacy-friendly way for users to set up an account and start using your services.



Configure the Sample Code Project

Perform the following steps before building and running the app:

  1. Set your development team in the Signing & Capabilities tab so Xcode can create a provisioning profile that uses the Sign In with Apple capability.

  2. Choose a target device that you’re signed into with an Apple ID that uses Two-Factor Authentication.

See Also

Sign In with Apple

Sign In with Apple Entitlement

An entitlement that lets your app use Sign In with Apple.

class ASAuthorizationAppleIDProvider

A mechanism for generating requests to authenticate users based on their Apple ID.

class ASAuthorizationController

A controller that manages authorization requests created by a provider.

class ASAuthorizationAppleIDCredential

A credential that results from a successful Apple ID authentication.