A control you add to your interface that enables users to initiate the Sign In with Apple flow.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS
class ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton : UIControl
class ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton : NSControl


Choose one of the built-in button styles and types, and change the corner radius of the button by setting the cornerRadius property, but don’t otherwise modify the style of the button. Don’t use an Apple ID authorization button for any purpose other than to initiate the Sign In with Apple flow.

After the user taps the button, create a request using the provider, and then use an instance of ASAuthorizationController to execute the request.



init(type: ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton.ButtonType, style: ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton.Style)

Creates a new Sign In with Apple authorization button with the given type and style.

Styling the Button

var cornerRadius: CGFloat

The radius, in points, for the rounded corners on the Apple ID sign-in button.

enum ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton.Style

A style for the authorization button.

enum ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton.ButtonType

A type for the authorization button.

See Also

Offering Sign In with Apple

class WKInterfaceAuthorizationAppleIDButton

A button that you can use to trigger a Sign in with Apple request.