A controller that manages authorization requests created by a provider.


class ASAuthorizationController : NSObject


Creating a Controller

init(authorizationRequests: [ASAuthorizationRequest])

Creates a controller from a collection of authorization requests.

Inspecting Requests

var authorizationRequests: [ASAuthorizationRequest]

The authorization requests that the controller manages.

class ASAuthorizationRequest

A base class for different kinds of authorization requests.

Presenting Requests

var presentationContextProvider: ASAuthorizationControllerPresentationContextProviding?

A delegate that provides a display context in which the system can present an authorization interface to the user.

protocol ASAuthorizationControllerPresentationContextProviding

An interface the controller uses to ask a delegate for a presentation context.

Executing Requests

func performRequests()

Starts the authorization flows named during controller initialization.

Responding to Request Completion

var delegate: ASAuthorizationControllerDelegate?

A delegate that the authorization controller informs about the success or failure of an authorization attempt.

protocol ASAuthorizationControllerDelegate

An interface for providing information about the outcome of an authorization request.


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