An OpenID authorization request.


class ASAuthorizationOpenIDRequest : ASAuthorizationRequest


Setting the Operation

var requestedOperation: ASAuthorization.OpenIDOperation

The OpenID authentication operation you want this request to perform.

struct ASAuthorization.OpenIDOperation

The kinds of operations that you can perform with OpenID authentication.

Setting the Scope

var requestedScopes: [ASAuthorization.Scope]?

The contact information to be requested from the user during authentication.

struct ASAuthorization.Scope

The kinds of contact information that can be requested from the user.

Setting the State

var state: String?

Data that’s returned to you unmodified in the corresponding credential after a successful authentication.

Instance Properties


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Creating Requests

func createRequest() -> ASAuthorizationAppleIDRequest

Creates a new Apple ID authorization request.

class ASAuthorizationAppleIDRequest

An OpenID authorization request that relies on the user’s Apple ID.


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