An authorization request that your provider extension handles.


class ASAuthorizationProviderExtensionAuthorizationRequest : NSObject


Parsing the Request

var url: URL

The complete URL of the request, including all components.

var httpHeaders: [String : String]

The HTTP headers of the request.

var httpBody: Data

The HTTP body of the request.

var realm: String

The realm to which the request applies.

struct ASAuthorizationProviderAuthorizationOperation

A type that represents an authorization operation.

var authorizationOptions: [AnyHashable : Any]

A collection of options associated with the request.

Getting Context

var callerBundleIdentifier: String

The bundle ID of the app making the request.

var extensionData: [AnyHashable : Any]

Extension data from the Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration.

Interacting with the User

func presentAuthorizationViewController(completion: (Bool, Error?) -> Void)

Asks the authorization service to show the extension’s view controller to the user.

Completing a Request

func complete()

Indicates the requested authorization completed with no output.

func complete(httpAuthorizationHeaders: [String : String])

Indicates the requested authorization succeeded with tokens in the HTTP headers.

func complete(httpResponse: HTTPURLResponse, httpBody: Data?)

Indicates the requested authorization succeeded with an HTTP response.

func complete(error: Error)

Indicates the requested authorization failed.

Canceling a Request

func doNotHandle()

Indicates the request wasn’t handled.

func cancel()

Cancels the request, for example, because the user taps a cancel button.


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Starting or Canceling a Request

func beginAuthorization(with: ASAuthorizationProviderExtensionAuthorizationRequest)

Tells your request handler to authorize the given request.


func cancelAuthorization(with: ASAuthorizationProviderExtensionAuthorizationRequest)

Tells your request handler to cancel the authorization of the given request.


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