A description that uniquely identifies a particular credential.


class ASPasswordCredentialIdentity : NSObject


Creating a Credential Identity

class ASCredentialServiceIdentifier

An identifier representing a particular service for which the user needs a credential, like a web site.

Ordering Credential Identities

var rank: Int

An indicator that enables you to prioritze credential identities relative to each other.

Associating a User

var user: String

The username associated with the credential.

Distinguising Identities

var recordIdentifier: String?

A string used to correlate this identity to a record in your app’s own database.

var serviceIdentifier: ASCredentialServiceIdentifier

An identifier that helps the system know with which apps or websites to associate this credential.


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func provideCredentialWithoutUserInteraction(for: ASPasswordCredentialIdentity)

Attempts to provide the user-requested credential with no further user interaction.

func prepareInterfaceToProvideCredential(for: ASPasswordCredentialIdentity)

Prepares the interface for a user interaction, like a database login, that enables it to access and return the credential for the given identity.