A login session request that a web browser receives from an app.


class ASWebAuthenticationSessionRequest : NSObject


Interpreting a Request

var url: URL

The web address the browser should use to perform the authentication request.

var callbackURLScheme: String?

The scheme the browser should use to return the result of the authentication attempt to the app requesting it.

var shouldUseEphemeralSession: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the browser should use a private browsing session.

var uuid: UUID

A unique identifier for the request.

Finishing a Request

func complete(withCallbackURL: URL)

Indicates that the browser successfully completed the authentication attempt.

func cancelWithError(Error)

Indicates that the browser canceled the authentication attempt.

Indicating Completion

var delegate: ASWebAuthenticationSessionRequestDelegate?

A delegate that the session request instance informs about authentication completion.

protocol ASWebAuthenticationSessionRequestDelegate

An interface through which the session request can inform its delegate, which is typically a browser, about the outcome of the authentication attempt.


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Starting and Stopping a Session Request

func begin(ASWebAuthenticationSessionRequest!)

Handles the given session request from an app.


func cancel(ASWebAuthenticationSessionRequest!)

Cancels the process of handling the given request.