A session manager that mediates sharing data between an app and a web browser.


@interface ASWebAuthenticationSessionWebBrowserSessionManager : NSObject


You don't create a session manager directly. Instead, use the sharedManager session manager to tell the system what instance within your web browser app handles authentication requests. Do this by assigning an instance of a class that adopts the ASWebAuthenticationSessionWebBrowserSessionHandling protocol to the shared manager’s sessionHandler property.

You can also use the shared managers wasLaunchedByAuthenticationServices property to determine if your web browser app was launched for the specific purpose of performing authentication.


Getting the Shared Manager


The shared manager for which a web browser acts as the session handler.

Handling a Session Request


A handler that a web browser provides to handle session requests from an app.


An interface that a session handler implements to handle login requests from an app.

Querying the Manager


A Boolean that indicates whether the session was launched by authentication services.


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See Also

Web Browser Authentication Session Support

Supporting Single Sign-On in a Web Browser App

Extend your web browser app to handle web authentication requests from other apps.

property list key ASWebAuthenticationSessionWebBrowserSupportCapabilities

A collection of keys that a browser app uses to declare its ability to handle authentication requests from other apps.