Instance Method


Causes the action to stop running and return an error, which, in turn, causes the workflow to stop.


func finishRunningWithError(_ error: Error?)



The error to be returned to Automator.


This method is intended to be called by any action that overrides runAsynchronously(withInput:) in order to make asynchronous calls. Note that when finishRunningWithError(_:) is invoked, it immediately calls willFinishRunning().

See Also

Controlling the action

func reset()

Resets the receiver to its initial state.

func runAsynchronously(withInput: Any?)

Causes Automator to wait for notification that the receiver has completed execution, which allows the receiver to perform an asynchronous operation.

func run(withInput: Any?) -> Any

Requests the receiver to perform its task using the specified input.

func stop()

Stops the receiver from running.

func willFinishRunning()

Invoked by Automator when the receiver has essentially completed its run phase.