Instances of the AMShellScriptAction class own Automator actions whose runtime behavior is driven by a shell script or by a Perl or Python script.


class AMShellScriptAction : AMBundleAction


When you create a Shell Script Automator Action project in Xcode, the project template supplies an AMShellScriptAction instance as the Principal Class of the action bundle. This ready-made instance provides a default implementation of the AMActionrun(withInput:) method that uses the logic defined in the script. You can substitute your own subclass of AMShellScriptAction for Principal Class if you need to.


Handling the I/O separator character

var inputFieldSeparator: String

Returns a string to be used as the delimiter between items in the string passed to the action through standard input.

var outputFieldSeparator: String

Returns a string used as a delimiter in the string output by the action.

var remapLineEndings: Bool

Returns whether you want automatic remapping of carriage return (\r) to newline (\n) characters in the input string.


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