You use the AMWorkflowView class to provide viewing and editing of Automator workflows in your application. You use an instance of AMWorkflow to instantiate a workflow and an instance of AMWorkflowController to control its execution. Together, these three classes provide a Model-View-Controller suite for working with workflows.


class AMWorkflowView : NSView


You can use Interface Builder to add an instance of AMWorkflowView to a window in your application. You can then add an AMWorkflowView object to the nib window and use the controller’s workflowView outlet to connect it to the workflow view. The controller object also has run(_:) and stop(_:) actions that can be connected to buttons or other user interface elements.


Configuring the workflow view

var isEditable: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the workflow view is editable.

var workflowController: AMWorkflowController?

The receiver’s workflow controller.