Work with audiovisual assets, control device cameras, process audio, and configure system audio interactions.


The AVFoundation framework combines four major technology areas that together encompass a wide range of tasks for capturing, processing, synthesizing, controlling, importing and exporting audiovisual media on Apple platforms.


Playback and Editing

Media Assets, Playback and Editing

Access media assets and inspect their content; queue media for playback and customize playback behavior; edit and combine assets with compositions; import and export raw media streams.

AirPlay 2

With AirPlay 2, you can wirelessly send your content from any Apple device to a speaker enabled with AirPlay or Apple TV.

Media Capture

Cameras and Media Capture

Capture photos and record video and audio; configure built-in cameras and microphones or external capture devices.


System Audio Interaction

Configure your audio session.


Speech Synthesis

Convert text to spoken audio.

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