Instance Property


An array of strings, each representing a metadata format that’s available to the asset.


var availableMetadataFormats: [AVMetadataFormat] { get }


Metadata formats may include ID3, iTunes metadata, and so on. For the available metadata formats supported by AVMetadataItem see Metadata Format Constants in the AVFoundation Metadata Key Constants.

See Also

Accessing Metadata

var lyrics: String?

The lyrics of the asset, in a language suitable for the current locale.

var metadata: [AVMetadataItem]

An array of metadata items for all metadata identifiers for which a value is available.

var commonMetadata: [AVMetadataItem]

An array of metadata items for each common metadata key for which a value is available.

func metadata(forFormat: AVMetadataFormat) -> [AVMetadataItem]

Returns an array of metadata items found in the container with the specified format.

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