Instance Method


Returns a media selection group object that contains one or more options with the specified media characteristic.


- (AVMediaSelectionGroup *)mediaSelectionGroupForMediaCharacteristic:(AVMediaCharacteristic)mediaCharacteristic;



A media characteristic for which you wish to obtain the available media selection options.

Only AVMediaCharacteristicAudible, AVMediaCharacteristicVisual, and AVMediaCharacteristicLegible are currently supported.

Return Value

An AVMediaSelectionGroup object that contains one or more options with the media characteristic specified by mediaCharacteristic, or nil if none could be found.


You can invoke this method without blocking when the key availableMediaCharacteristicsWithMediaSelectionOptions has been loaded.

You can filter the options in the returned media selection group according to playability, locale, and additional media characteristics can be accomplished using the filtering methods defined in the AVMediaSelectionGroup class.

See Also

Finding Media Selections


The default media selections for this asset’s media selection groups.


An array of media characteristics for which a media selection option is available.