Instance Method


Returns an array of chapters whose locale best matches the list of preferred languages.


func chapterMetadataGroups(bestMatchingPreferredLanguages preferredLanguages: [String]) -> [AVTimedMetadataGroup]



An array of NSString objects, each of which contains a canonicalized IETF BCP 47 language identifier. The order of the identifiers in the array reflects the preferred language order, with the most preferred language being first in the array. Typically, you pass the user’s preferred languages by retrieving this array from the preferredLanguages class method of NSLocale.

Return Value

An array of AVTimedMetadataGroup objects.


Each object in the returned array contains an AVMetadataItem object representing the chapter title. The time range property of the AVTimedMetadataGroup object is equal to the time range of the chapter title item.

All of the available chapter metadata is included in the metadata groups, including items with the common key commonKeyArtwork, if such items are present. Items not carrying chapter titles are added to an existing AVTimedMetadataGroup object if the time range (timestamp and duration) of the metadata item and that of the metadata group overlaps. The locale of such items need not match the locale of the chapter titles.

You can use the metadataItems(from:filteredAndSortedAccordingToPreferredLanguages:) method to further filter the metadata items in each group. You can also filter the returned items based on locale using the metadataItems(from:with:) method.

Special Considerations

Becomes callable without blocking when the data in the availableChapterLocales property is already loaded.

See Also

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var availableChapterLocales: [Locale]

The locales available for chapter metadata in the asset.

func chapterMetadataGroups(withTitleLocale: Locale, containingItemsWithCommonKeys: [AVMetadataKey]?) -> [AVTimedMetadataGroup]

Returns an array of chapters with a given title locale and containing specified keys.