An object used to inspect the state of an asset’s locally cached media data.


class AVAssetCache : NSObject


You can download HTTP Live Streaming assets to an iOS device using the AVAssetDownloadURLSession and AVAssetDownloadTask classes. You can use the downloaded asset’s associated AVAssetCache to inspect its locally cached media data.


Inspecting the Cached Media

var isPlayableOffline: Bool

Determines if a complete rendition of an asset is available for playing without a network connection.

func mediaSelectionOptions(in: AVMediaSelectionGroup) -> [AVMediaSelectionOption]

Returns an array of locally cached media selection options that are available for offline operations.


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Asset Information

class AVFragmentedAsset

An asset you can extend the total duration of without modifying the previously existing data structure.

class AVFragmentedAssetMinder

An object that periodically checks whether fragmented assets had additional fragments appended to them.