Global Variable


The key used by the options dictionary indicating the media selection for a new download selection.


let AVAssetDownloadTaskMediaSelectionKey: String


A key used by the options dictionary passed to the makeAssetDownloadTask(asset:assetTitle:assetArtworkData:options:). The AVMediaSelection for this download is obtained using the download delegate’s urlSession(_:assetDownloadTask:didResolve:) method.

See Also

Creating a Download Task

let AVAssetDownloadTaskMinimumRequiredMediaBitrateKey: String

The key used by the options dictionary indicating the lowest media bitrate to be used that is greater than or equal to this value.

class AVAssetDownloadTask

A session used to download HTTP Live Streaming assets.

class AVAggregateAssetDownloadTask

A single task that downloads multiple media selections for a single asset.

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