Instance Method


Creates and initializes an AVAssetDownloadTask to be used with this download session.


func makeAssetDownloadTask(asset URLAsset: AVURLAsset, destinationURL: URL, options: [String : Any]? = nil) -> AVAssetDownloadTask?



The HTTP Live Streaming asset to download.


The local URL to download the asset to. This must be a file URL.


Configures non-default behavior for the download task. Using this parameter is required for downloading non-default media selections for HLS assets.

Return Value

A new instance of AVAssetDownloadTask.


This method may return nil if the AVAssetDownloadURLSession has been invalidated.

See Also

Creating a Download Task

let AVAssetDownloadTaskMinimumRequiredMediaBitrateKey: String

The key used by the options dictionary indicating the lowest media bitrate to be used that is greater than or equal to this value.

let AVAssetDownloadTaskMediaSelectionKey: String

The key used by the options dictionary indicating the media selection for a new download selection.

class AVAssetDownloadTask

A session used to download HTTP Live Streaming assets.

class AVAggregateAssetDownloadTask

A single task that downloads multiple media selections for a single asset.