Instance Property


A directory that is suitable for containing temporary files generated during the export process.


@property(nonatomic, copy) NSURL *directoryForTemporaryFiles;


An asset export session may need to write temporary files, for example when canPerformMultiplePassesOverSourceMediaData is set to YES. This property specifies where in the filesystem those temporary files are created. All temporary files will be deleted when the export is completed, is canceled, or fails.

When the value of this property is nil, the export session will choose a suitable location when writing temporary files. The default value is nil.

This property cannot be set after the export has started. The export will fail if the URL points to a location that is not a directory, does not exist, is not on the local file system, or if a file cannot be created in this directory (for example, due to insufficient permissions or sandboxing restrictions).

See Also

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