Instance Property


The estimated size, in bytes, of the exported file.


var estimatedOutputFileLength: Int64 { get }


Returns 0 when the export preset is AVAssetExportPresetPassthrough or AVAssetExportPresetAppleProRes422LPCM. This property will also return 0 if a numeric value (not invalid, indefinite, or infinite) for the timeRange property has not been set.

You can observe this property using Key-value observing.

See Also

Exporting Media

func exportAsynchronously(completionHandler: () -> Void)

Starts the asynchronous execution of an export session.

func cancelExport()

Cancels the execution of an export session.

var error: Error?

Describes the error that occurred.

enum AVAssetExportSession.Status

A set of statuses used for relaying the state of an export session.

var maxDuration: CMTime

Provides an estimate of the maximum duration of the exported media.