Instance Property


Returns the custom video compositor instance used, if any.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) id<AVVideoCompositing> customVideoCompositor;


The custom video compositor instance that is used during image generation is accessible via this property after the value of videoComposition is set to an AVVideoComposition instance that specifies a custom video compositor class. Any additional communication between the application and that instance of the custom video compositor, if any is required for configuration or other purposes, can only occur once that has happened.

If the value of videoComposition is changed from an AVVideoComposition that specifies a custom video compositor class to another instance of AVVideoComposition that specifies the same custom video compositor class, the instance of the custom video compositor that was previously created will receive the renderContextChanged: message and remain in use for subsequent image generation.

This property is nil if there is no video compositor, or if the internal video compositor is in use.

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