Instance Property


Specifies the maximum dimensions for the generated image.


var maximumSize: CGSize { get set }


The default value is CGSizeZero, which specifies the asset’s unscaled dimensions.

AVAssetImageGenerator scales images such that they fit within the defined bounding box. Images are never scaled up. The aspect ratio of the scaled image is defined by the apertureMode property.

See Also

Configuring Image-Generation Behavior

var apertureMode: AVAssetImageGenerator.ApertureMode?

Specifies the aperture mode for the generated image.

struct AVAssetImageGenerator.ApertureMode

The aperture modes used when generating images.

var appliesPreferredTrackTransform: Bool

Specifies whether to apply the track matrix, or matrices. when extracting an image from the asset.

var asset: AVAsset

The asset that initialized the image generator.

var videoComposition: AVVideoComposition?

The video composition to use when extracting images from assets with multiple video tracks.

var customVideoCompositor: AVVideoCompositing?

Returns the custom video compositor instance used, if any.