Instance Property


The video composition to use when extracting images from assets with multiple video tracks.


@NSCopying var videoComposition: AVVideoComposition? { get set }


If no video composition is specified, only the first enabled video track will be used. If a video composition is specified, the appliesPreferredTrackTransform property is ignored.

See Also

Configuring Image-Generation Behavior

var apertureMode: AVAssetImageGenerator.ApertureMode?

Specifies the aperture mode for the generated image.

struct AVAssetImageGenerator.ApertureMode

The aperture modes used when generating images.

var appliesPreferredTrackTransform: Bool

Specifies whether to apply the track matrix, or matrices. when extracting an image from the asset.

var asset: AVAsset

The asset that initialized the image generator.

var maximumSize: CGSize

Specifies the maximum dimensions for the generated image.

var customVideoCompositor: AVVideoCompositing?

Returns the custom video compositor instance used, if any.