Instance Method


Informs the receiver not to continue reconfiguring the time ranges, and allows the attached asset reader to change its status to completed.


func markConfigurationAsFinal()


When the value of supportsRandomAccess is true, the attached asset reader will not advance to AVAssetReader.Status.completed until this method is called.

When the destination of media data vended by the receiver is an AVAssetWriterInput configured for multi-pass encoding, a convenient time to invoke this method is after the asset writer input indicates that no more passes will be performed.

Once this method has been called, further invocations of reset(forReadingTimeRanges:) are disallowed.

See Also

Configuring Reading Settings

func reset(forReadingTimeRanges: [NSValue])

Restarts reading with a new set of time ranges.

var supportsRandomAccess: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the asset reader output supports reconfiguration of the time ranges.