An object that defines an interface for reading metadata.


class AVAssetReaderOutputMetadataAdaptor : NSObject


You can package the read metadata as instances of AVTimedMetadataGroup or from a single AVAssetReaderTrackOutput object.


Creating an Output Metadata Adaptor

init(assetReaderTrackOutput: AVAssetReaderTrackOutput)

Creates a newly allocated timed metadata group adaptor for retrieving timed metadata group objects from an asset reader output.

Getting the Track Output Object

var assetReaderTrackOutput: AVAssetReaderTrackOutput

The asset reader track output that provides the timed metadata groups.

Getting the Next Timed Metadata Group

func nextTimedMetadataGroup() -> AVTimedMetadataGroup?

Returns the next timed metadata group for the asset reader output.


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File Import

class AVAssetReader

A reader object used to obtain the media data of an asset, either file-based or consisting of an assemblage of media data from multiple sources.

class AVAssetReaderAudioMixOutput

An object that defines an interface for reading audio samples that result from mixing the audio from one or more tracks.

class AVAssetReaderTrackOutput

An object that defines an interface for reading media data from a single track of an asset reader's asset.

class AVAssetReaderSampleReferenceOutput

An object that defines an interface for reading sample references from a single asset track.

class AVAssetReaderVideoCompositionOutput

An object that reads video frames composited from the frames in one or more tracks of a reader's assets.

class AVAssetReaderOutput

An abstract class that defines an interface for reading a single collection of samples of a common media type from an asset reader object.

class AVAssetImageGenerator

An object that provides thumbnail or preview images of assets independently of playback.