An object that defines an interface for reading sample references from a single asset track.


class AVAssetReaderSampleReferenceOutput : AVAssetReaderOutput


AVAssetReaderSampleReferenceOutput is a concrete subclass AVAssetReaderOutput. The sample reference is from a single AVAssetTrack of an AVAsset instance contained in an AVAssetReader object.

Clients can extract information about the location of samples in a track—the file URL and offset—by adding an instance of this class to an AVAssetReader object using the add(_:). The kCMSampleBufferAttachmentKey_SampleReferenceURL and kCMSampleBufferAttachmentKey_SampleReferenceByteOffset attachments on the extracted sample buffers describe the location of the sample data. Find more information about sample buffers describing sample references in the CMSampleBuffer.

You can also append sample buffers extracted using this class to an AVAssetWriterInput instance to create movie tracks that are not self-contained and reference data in the original file instead. To write tracks that are not self-contained, use instances of AVAssetWriter configured to write files of type mov.

Since you can't extract sample data and return it by instances of AVAssetReaderSampleReferenceOutput, ignore the value of the alwaysCopiesSampleData property.


Creating Sample Reference Output Instances

init(track: AVAssetTrack)

Creates a newly allocated sample reference output object for supplying sample references.

Getting the Track

var track: AVAssetTrack

The track from which the sample references are extracted.


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