Type Method


Returns an asset reader that wraps a specific track, with optional output settings.


+ (instancetype)assetReaderTrackOutputWithTrack:(AVAssetTrack *)track outputSettings:(NSDictionary<NSString *,id> *)outputSettings;



The track from which the reader should source sample buffers.


A dictionary of output settings to be used for sample output.

You use keys from one of AVAudioSettings.h, Video_Settings, or CVPixelBufferRef, depending on the media type and the output format required.

A value of nil configures the output to vend samples in their original format as stored by the specified track.

Initialization fails if the output settings cannot be used with the specified track.

Return Value

An asset reader wrapping track, using the setting defined by outputSettings, nil if initialization fails.

See Also

Creating a Track Output

- initWithTrack:outputSettings:

Initializes an asset reader to wrap a specific track, with optional output settings.

Video Settings Dictionaries

Define output image and video formats by using the key and value constants.