Instance Method


Sets the delegate and dispatch queue to use with the resource loader.


func setDelegate(_ delegate: AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate?, queue delegateQueue: DispatchQueue?)



The delegate object to query when handling resource requests. You may specify nil if you want to clear the delegate object. The resource loader does not store a strong reference to the delegate object.


The dispatch queue on which to execute resource requests. If the delegate parameter is not nil, this parameter must also not be nil and must contain a valid dispatch queue. However, if delegate is nil, this parameter may also be nil.

The resource loader maintains a strong reference to the dispatch queue you specify.


You use this method to specify the object to use when handling resource requests and the dispatch queue on which to process those requests. Resource requests are processed synchronously on the dispatch queue you provide.

See Also

Accessing the Delegate

var delegate: AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate?

The delegate object to use when handling resource requests.

protocol AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate

Methods you can implement to handle resource loading requests coming from a URL asset.