Instance Method


Informs the delegate that a prior loading request has been cancelled.


- (void)resourceLoader:(AVAssetResourceLoader *)resourceLoader didCancelLoadingRequest:(AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest *)loadingRequest;



The resource loader.


The loading request that has been cancelled.


Previously issued loading requests can be cancelled when data from the resource is no longer required or when a loading request is superseded by new requests for data from the same resource.

For example, if to complete a seek operation it becomes necessary to load a range of bytes that's different from a range previously requested, the prior request may be cancelled while the delegate is still handling it.

See Also

Processing Resource Requests

- resourceLoader:shouldWaitForLoadingOfRequestedResource:

Asks the delegate if it wants to load the requested resource.

- resourceLoader:shouldWaitForRenewalOfRequestedResource:

Tells the delegate when assistance is required of the application to renew a resource.

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