Instance Property


The UTI that specifies the type of data contained by the requested resource.


var contentType: String? { get set }


Before finishing loading an AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest instance, if its contentInformationRequest property is not nil, set the value of this property to a UTI indicating the type of data contained by the requested resource.

When responding to an AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest for a FairPlay Streaming key, only set contentType to AVStreamingKeyDeliveryContentKeyType, AVStreamingKeyDeliveryPersistentContentKeyType, or nil. The value of contentType must be contained in the allowedContentTypes property or nil.

See Also

Configuring Content Information

var allowedContentTypes: [String]?

The types of data that are accepted as a valid response for the requested resource.

var contentLength: Int64

The length, in bytes, of the requested resource.

var isByteRangeAccessSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether random access to arbitrary ranges of bytes of the resource is supported.

var renewalDate: Date?

The date at which a new resource loading request will be issued for resources that expire, if the media system still requires it.