Instance Property


The length, in bytes, of the data requested.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSInteger requestedLength;


If the content length of the resource is unknown, the sum of the requestedLength and requestedOffset properties may be greater than the actual content length. When this situation occurs, an application must attempt to provide as much of the requested data beginning at the requestedOffset property as the resource contains. The application must then invoke either the AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest instance’s finishLoading method upon success, or the finishLoadingWithError: method if an error is encountered during the loading.

See Also

Providing Data to a Request

- respondWithData:

Provides data to the loading request.


The position within the resource of the first byte requested.


The position within the resource of the next byte.


A Boolean value that indicates the entire remaining length of the resource from the offest to the end of the resource is being requested.