Instance Property


The position within the resource of the first byte requested.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) long long requestedOffset;


When all of the requested bytes that can be provided have been loaded—including the possible contentInformationRequest data in the AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest instance that contains the receiver—the delegate should respond by invoking finishLoading.

If the requestedOffset value is beyond the content length of the resource, the AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest instance is sent a finishLoading message without any prior invocations of respondWithData:.

See Also

Providing Data to a Request

- respondWithData:

Provides data to the loading request.


The length, in bytes, of the data requested.


The position within the resource of the next byte.


A Boolean value that indicates the entire remaining length of the resource from the offest to the end of the resource is being requested.