Instance Method


Obtains a persistable content key from a context.


func persistentContentKey(fromKeyVendorResponse keyVendorResponse: Data, options: [String : Any]? = nil) throws -> Data



The response returned from the key vendor as a result of a request generated from streamingContentKeyRequestData(forApp:contentIdentifier:options:).


Additional information necessary to obtain the key, or nil if no additional information is required.


If an error occurs while obtaining the peristable content key, This parameter contains an instance of NSError describing the failure.

Return Value

The persistable content key.


The data returned from this method may be used to immediately satisfy an AVAssetResourceLoadingDataRequest, as well as any subsequent requests for the same key URL. The value of contentType must be set to AVStreamingKeyDeliveryPersistentContentKeyType when responding with data created with this method.

See Also

Accessing the Request Data

var request: URLRequest

The URL request object for the resource.

var requestor: AVAssetResourceLoadingRequestor

The asset resource requestor that made the request.

class AVAssetResourceLoadingRequestor

An object that contains information about the originator of a loading request.

func streamingContentKeyRequestData(forApp: Data, contentIdentifier: Data, options: [String : Any]?) -> Data

Obtains key request data for a specific combination of application and content.

let AVAssetResourceLoadingRequestStreamingContentKeyRequestRequiresPersistentKey: String

Specifies whether the content key request requires a persistable key to be returned from the key vendor.

var dataRequest: AVAssetResourceLoadingDataRequest?

The range of requested resource data.

var redirect: URLRequest?

An URL request instance if the loading request was redirected.