Instance Property


An array of metadata items for all metadata identifiers for which a value is available.


var metadata: [AVMetadataItem] { get }


The array of AVMetadataItem instances can be filtered according to language using the metadataItems(from:filteredAndSortedAccordingToPreferredLanguages:) method. They can be filtered by identifier using the metadataItems(from:filteredByIdentifier:) method.

See Also

Managing Metadata

var commonMetadata: [AVMetadataItem]

An array of metadata item objects for each common metadata key for which a value is available.

var availableMetadataFormats: [AVMetadataFormat]

An array containing the metadata formats available for the track.

func metadata(forFormat: AVMetadataFormat) -> [AVMetadataItem]

Creates an array of metadata objects, one for each metadata item in the container of the specified format.

struct AVMetadataFormat

A value that defines a metadata format.