A group of related tracks in an asset.


class AVAssetTrackGroup : NSObject


Instances of AVAssetTrackGroup describe a single group of related alternate tracks, only one of which should be played at a time. Groups of alternate tracks typically contain variations of the same content, such as subtitles in multiple translations.

Clients can inspect the track groups contained in an asset (AVAsset) instance by loading and obtaining the value of the asset’s trackGroups property.


Getting Track ID Values

var trackIDs: [NSNumber]

The IDs of the tracks in the group.


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Track Information

protocol AVAsynchronousKeyValueLoading

Methods you can implement to use an asset or asset track without blocking the calling thread.

class AVAssetTrackSegment

A segment of an asset track, consisting of a time mapping from the source to the asset track timeline.

class AVFragmentedAssetTrack

An object used for handling tracks of fragmented assets.

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