Instance Property


The collection of track-level metadata to associate with the asset and for carriage in the output file.


var metadata: [AVMetadataItem] { get set }


The array contains AVMetadataItem objects representing the collection of track-level metadata for writing to the output file.

You cannot set this property after writing has started.

See Also

Configuring a Writer Input

var transform: CGAffineTransform

The transform specified in the output file as the preferred transformation of the visual media data for display purposes.

var mediaTimeScale: CMTimeScale

Specifies the media time scale to be used.

var expectsMediaDataInRealTime: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the input should tailor its processing of media data for real-time sources.

var marksOutputTrackAsEnabled: Bool

Returns whether the receiver’s track is enabled.

var naturalSize: CGSize

Size specified in the output file as the natural dimensions of the visual media data for display.

var preferredVolume: Float

The preferred volume level for storing in the output file.